Flipping Pages — Details in Editorial and Page Layout Design

Flipping Pages — Details in Editorial and Page Layout Design

RHED Publishers

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Sig. 1: Matte Art Paper
Sig. 2: Gloss Art Paper
Sig. 3–19: Wood-free Paper
Sig. 20: Kraft Paper
Round Spine
210mm × 340mm
ISBN 9789811103155

Published by Rheza Edward
Edited by Tan Cher Lynn
Designed and Curated by Weiming Huang
Published in September 2017

Laid Out for All to See — Processes of Layout and Editorial Design
Written by Weiming Huang
Edited by Tan Cher Lynn

Layout — an often misunderstood aspect of design. As layout designers, we often hear people telling us that layout is easy: just putting text and images on a page and moving it around to make it “nice”.

Flipping Pages documents the best in editorial design in recent years, and presents to you the details of each designed page. The book will also go behind the scenes and explain the processes behind each page. So, the next time you pick up a book (flip through the pages, smell the paper and indulge in the readable and legible text), appreciate the sweat and tears the editors, designers and publishers have put into it.