Create your world Above and Beneath the Ocean Tan Yang International New Holland Publishers

Above and Beneath the Ocean

New Holland Publishers

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Wood-free Paper
240mm × 240mm
ISBN 9781742577180

Published in August 2015

Discover your inner artist as you color each pen-and-ink illustration in this book of images of sea life above and beneath the ocean, with sailing boats, lighthouses, and all manner of underwater creatures from fish to sharks to turtles.

Submerge yourself in creativity, as you explore the depths of the ocean in this delightful collection.

Breathe life into the many sea creatures, plants, and marine scenes to create your very own magical underwater wonderland.

No longer a pastime just for children, adult pen-and-ink books are taking the world by storm. Providing a much-needed escape from the stresses of daily life, creativity provokes mindfulness and calm in an increasingly busy world.

Removed from technology and reminiscent of simpler childhood days, this new trend is bringing art and tranquility to thousands of modern lives.