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Brand Built — Branding Buildings & their Builders

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Wood-free Paper
Square Binding with Black Foil
205mm × 255mm
ISBN 9789810990305

Published by Rheza Edward
Edited by Tan Cher Lynn
Designed and Curated by Weiming Huang
Published in August 2016

Brand Built — Branding Buildings & Building Brands
Written by Weiming Huang
Edited by Tan Cher Lynn

With the global boom of the property market, the branding of builders and buildings becomes crucial to remain competitive and stand out from the rest of the competition. Property firms are very similar to companies in other industries, where it is important to offer value and expert advice in addition to information access, where it is readily available in a well-connected digital world. As more and more firms offer similar services, a strong branding will help the firm stand out and lend credibility, developing long-term growth in an increasingly concentrated market.

Brand Built showcases the best of branding in the property industry. By categorizing them into “Buildings” and “Builders”, Brand Built aims to provide property developers, construction firms and interior design companies a comprehensive resource for inspiration and branding. Brand Built also provides a guide to branding for startups and established brands alike—explaining the branding process, guiding the choice of colours and typefaces, and providing insights to the reasons and mechanisms behind the logo and the brand. Brand Built pays homage to the best in branding of the property industry—the buildings and the people who built them.