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Creative Sketching Workshop

RHED Publishers

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Wood-free Paper
203mm × 254mm
ISBN 9789810962852

Published by Mark Searle
Written and Curated by Pete Scully
Edited by Nick Jones
Designed by Tony Seddon
Co-published with Rotovision
Published in August 2015

Are you bored of drawing the same old thing? Or maybe you’re in a creativity rut and want to break out of your comfort zone? Creative Sketching Workshop will shake up your sketch life with stimulating exercises written by prolific urban sketchers.

Whether drawing crowds or tackling scale and perspective, each workshop is designed to challenge you and help improve your sketching skills. What can you learn from drawing at train stations or airports? What is the best way to practice the rules of perspective, and then break them? How do you tackle crowds? If you’re daunted by sketching challenges, Creative Sketching Workshop will help you overcome those hurdles, the urban sketching way.