Hospitals and Healthcentres 01 Construction and Design Manual Tan Yang International RHED Publishers

Hospitals and Healthcentres 01 — Construction and Design Manual

RHED Publishers

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Matte Art Paper
230mm × 280mm
ISBN 9789810731403

Edited by Philipp Meuser
Co-published with DOM Publishers
Published in January 2013

Lavishly illustrated and showcasing detailed descriptions of more than 130 hospital buildings, this handbook focuses on the interrelationship between the functional and technical aspects of the hospital structure and its aesthetically pleasing, hotel-like healthcare facilities.

This two-volume publication, this book contains ten spe­cialist contributions on key issues in the current debate on the “hospital of the future”. Architec­tural history and typological classifications make this 700 page two-volume publication an indispensable reference work for everyone with an interest in hos­pital architecture, whether students, architects or hospital directors.

– Structured by function
– Large format photos
– Scale drawings and plans
– Coloured function diagrams
– Conceptual designs with explanatory notes