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Parking Structures (Boxset)

RHED Publishers

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Matte Art Paper
Paperback with Boxset
235mm × 295mm
ISBN 9789810737467

Edited by Ilja Irmscher
Co-published with DOM Publishers
Published in January 2013

This manual presents state-of-the-art structural design for car parks. Its 550 pages are filled with solutions focusing on user-friendly parking from hands-on specialists who have been working in the industry for many years, and aims to be both academically precise and complete.

Volume 1: Planning Principles
> car parks as an integral part of architecture modern history
> basic principles of car park planning
> basic decisions of choosing a location
> car parks as holistic systems
> further technical features of car parks
> mechanical parking systems
> automated parking systems

Volume 2: Buildings and Projects
> freestanding multistorey car parks
> self-contained underground car parks
> integrated underground car parks
> automated parking systems
> semi-automated parking systems
> mechanical parking systems
> small garages