That's What You Think! A Mind-Boggling Guide to the Brain tan yang international die gestalten verlag dgv

That's What You Think! — A Mind-Boggling Guide to the Brain

Die Gestalten Verlag

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Matte Art Paper
175mm × 245mm
ISBN 9783899557244

Written by Jan von Holleben, Michael Madeja, Katja Naie
Published by Die Gestalten Verlag
Published in January 2015

This book provides insightful, easy-to-follow answers to children's questions about the brain accompanied by fun, enlightening photographs. We use our brains every day, but how do they actually control our thoughts, our movements, and our feelings? Does the brain turn itself off at night? Can people who research the brain read minds? In That's What You Think!, experts respond to 80 questions posed by children about the brain. Their answers explore how our brains develop, what they are made of, and how they work. They reveal astounding information and facts not only about the human brain, but also about the gray matter of earthworms, ants, and sperm whales. The images created by Jan von Holleben capture our personal control rooms in action--as we taste, get scared, study, juggle, and sleepwalk. These fun, enlightening photographs clearly demonstrate that even when we do nothing at all, our brains are hard at work.