Villas in Southeast Asia Tan Yang International RHED Publishers

Villas in Southeast Asia

RHED Publishers

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Matte Art Paper
248mm × 290mm
ISBN 9789810960865

Designed by Zheng Qing
Edited by Li Aihong
Co-published with Artpower International Publishing
Published in September 2015

Villas in Southeast Asia have inherited the natural, healthy and leisure qualities into design of the interiors. From the magnificent palace-like traditional architecture, to the colourful and splendorous interior decoration, the design of the entire space and the decorative details reflect the respect for nature and handicrafts that make these villas unique and mysterious.

Villas in Southeast Asia creates an artistic philosophy of life with its unique charm. As readers flips through the pages, they will be able to experience a comfortable and pleasant journey, fully understanding the noble and leisure lifestyle.